Friday, January 23, 2015

Fabulous Friday

Wine bottles, paint and tape! We could so do this and we wouldn't have to be sober either. This is so my kind of project.
Drinking and crafting,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Techno Love

I'm so loving our new phones and T-Mobile. I can't believe that we were paying Verizon almost $300 a month and that wasn't including the costs of the phones! Thieving bastards. Our bill is now $197 a month and that includes 4 new phones. I should have the phones paid for soon enough and then the bill will drop to about $125ish.
When we signed up with T-mobile, we just missed the special that my best friend had gotten when they signed up. It was $100 a month for unlimited text, calling and 10 GB of data a month. When we signed up it was unlimited text, calling and 4 GB of data a month. I had to wait to sign up and missed the deal because it is very difficult to get all of us together these days.
The 10 GB of data deal started again and I called hoping that they would sign me up. And they did without a problem! 6 GB of extra data for nothing! And if you go over the allotted data, there are no overages charges, it just slows down. I use my phone as a hot spot ALL THE TIME! I'm so getting my money out of them.
We had to pay Verizon over $500 in termination fees when we left. One last twist of the knife before we escaped! But T-Mobile is paying for all terminations fees now in the form of a visa card. Can you tell that I like them? We are expecting a visa card soon. I normally save "found" money for Christmas, I think I have said that before. But I think I may challenge myself to use it to pay for gas and our groceries and see how long I can get it to last. Wonder what Den will think of my new challenge. Crazy? Hair brained idea? I get those a lot. I'm going to use the money for our Vegas trip in April. It's fast approaching and I haven't really saved for it.
Over-endowed data,
Sonya Ann 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wicked Wednesday

I've never sold my hair but I have donated. And I'm not talking about what happened in Vegas! Why does this seem a bit too close to my life?
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tumultuous Tuesday

Tumultuous Tuesday sounds better than Moshed Tuesday. I'm having a hard time getting a weekend round up done on Monday. Let's blame old age the laundry!
Anywho, Den and I have been trying to find cheap things to do to offset the winter misery. I found a famous hot dog joint, Superdawg, on Living Social. With the deal, two burgers and fries, and a hot dog with fries and a large drink cost a total of $10.72. We won't talk about the gas that we used getting there.
None of the pictures that I took turned out, I blame the grease on my fingers the lack of sunlight. While this picture looks amazing, in truth, the fries covered the hot dog or the burger and you had to eat your way down to it. Trust me, it was an AWESOME thing to have to do. Don't ask about the diet!
Den's car is back with us. Geico and ABRA auto-body did an wonderful job. Remember how I cracked Den's bumper and Den cracked my windshield? Well, his bumper is completely fixed. My windshield is still cracked.
I'm still not happy about having to shell out $500 to fix it though. I keep hearing, "Don't worry, you will get it back." And yet, it didn't happen when that asshole hit my van. Still waiting for that money. I have the feeling that I will be writing this money off too. Maybe its because the girl's insurance won't have anything to do with us or our insurance. I could have found a much better use for $500/$1000.
DJ turned 19 and my inlaws went to visit him. Hey, I packed a card for him when I was packing him back up for college. My inlaws are better than me. I'm fine with this.
DJ has the look on his face that pretty much says, "I'm going to have to hold this smile until grandma figures out how to take a picture with her phone" face. I know him. I know my mother in law. I love them both, dearly.
They drove to Ball State and saw DJ and then headed to my sister in laws in OH. They stayed there a few days and then headed down to EIU to see Anna for her birthday.
Anna turns 23 on February 1st. Damn, I'm getting old.
And Anna has the "I'm going to have to hold this smile for a while" face. Or is it, "would someone help her take the picture" face?
We and by we, I mean Den, has been dehydrating everything. Tomatoes, potatoes, bananas, and strawberries have been drained of all H2O. I'm starting to fear the electric bill.The dehydrator sounds like it is sucking a ton of power. FYI, bananas and strawberries just turn rubbery. The dehydrated bananas from the dollar tree are better. Just don't tell Den, I said that.

Den took some of the dehydrated tomatoes and smoked them on the grill. Then he chopped up fresh basil, onion and then added salt, olive oil, minced garlic and pepper to make an awesome relish. With the way that he cooks, I should weight 300lbs. Not saying I won't but it isn't a goal, yet. LOL

And I have zero dollars and zero cents saved for Christmas. UGH!
 I've finished another book and am in the middle of trying to self-publish with Amazon. Unless you know what you are doing, this is nowhere near a smooth process. I'm sure its all my fault since I'm a novice but I've cried, fired off many an email, cussed loudly and prayed. It's not going well. And it isn't helping that they keep telling me that I don't own my book rights. It took me 3 years to write only to be told it isn't mine. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER! If I sort it, you might get to read it. I wanted to do it as a free book but it won't let me. WTF!!!
So over all its kinda crappy around here. Please tell me that things are going well for you!
Ready to drink,
Sonya Ann

Monday, January 19, 2015

Luscious Mistake

Did you know that I have been making lotion bars for two years now? Yeah, me either.
So the original recipe is one part bees wax, one part coconut oil, one part shea butter and then I add a bit of olive oil just to make it a bit softer. And just to get fancy I'll throw in some essential oil and maybe some vanilla beans. Really, the recipe is more of a guide and it is very, very forgiving. It's kind of like mixing a witch's brew. Pinch of this, sprinkle of that, eye of newt sort of thing. Newt is soft.
I normally make them in the crockpot and use a liner to protect the pot. Not that I am using anything that would hurt it or us, I just don't want to scrape it clean. I saw online that you could boil a jar with your lotion bar ingredients and then just recycle the jar. I'm all about being lazy so that one called to me. And I have to say that this is the way to go. I was cleaning the house and would check the melting process every so often. I put the wax in and then added everything else as it melted. Or so I thought. I completely forgot about the coconut oil and I since I had planned on them being more lush like I added one part oil(olive/vitamin E/caster. Told you I throw anything in there).

Who knew that they would turn out? They are almost identical to Lush bars, they are so so creamy. I realized that night that I had forgotten the coconut oil. Next time, I'll add a bit of coconut oil just because I like the smell and I'll cut back on the shea butter. But again, you really can do what you want with this recipe. And if it doesn't work out just throw it back in the pot/jar and add more wax.
I'm a little worried that when it gets warm out, they might melt so I will be storing them in a glass container.
Also, if you are going to heat this on the stove, add the oil and the shea butter to the jar first then feed the wax in as it melts. The shea butter melts almost instantly if you try to add it to the jar while it is boiling.
I hope this batch will last for the rest of the year but the way that I'm greasing myself up, maybe the season. My face is really soft and shiny but not like his.
Sonya Ann

Friday, January 16, 2015

Fabulous Friday

This is from Intimate weddings! There isn't a wedding planned but this would be a cute Mother's day gift or a birthday gift.
Have a wonderful Friday,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Wow, this is a blast from the past! This is what our kitchen looked like in 2009. I need to start scrolling through some of the old blog posts to remind myself of how far we have come. It often feels as if we are spinning our wheels and not accomplishing anything but the pictures say differently.
Big difference! I'm not bragging, I just need a reminder to relax a bit. Things are getting
accomplished even if I forget about them.
 Enough of the reminiscing and on to the reason for the post! I'll get there eventually.
One of the women that Den works with told him about this super easy dinner. Every once in a while, you will score a discounted rotisserie chicken from the store in the evening. Well buy it! Take it home and get all of the meat off of it. Chop it up finely so it almost looks like tuna. Then chop a medium onion very finely and add a can of chipotle sauce. Mix and that's it! You don't need to heat it or anything just throw it on a tortilla. AMAZING! This is becoming a new "must have" meal in our house. So make this super easy filling and then decorate Mexican restaurant style! I do miss using the Mexican restaurant  in a box and the Chinese restaurant in a box. I miss the kids sometimes. Don't tell them that I said that!
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Moshed Tuesday

I was in the bedroom and Den called to me from the kitchen that he cut up an apple for me. Thanks but I didn't ask for an apple and then he brought me this little guy. Never in my life would I think, I need to carve fruit into a bird. But these things make him happy.
Here are the directions if the mood catches you. But I have to say that Den's head is better. No really, it is.
Den got a dehydrator for Christmas. He chopped tomatoes, potatoes and.........................
my apple/bird. I wanted to dehydrate it and then reassemble it but it wouldn't fit on the trays. Oh well, it still tasted awesome!
We are still moving along with the updating the house. I'm pretty sure those blinds came with the house.
We got bamboo shades. They let a lot of light in but my MIL Donna is making us lined white curtains so that should help.

Den's car is still in the shop. We had to go through our insurance to get it fixed. And we have to pay the $500 deductible. It's looking like the young girl that hit him has crap insurance. I'm thinking it will end up like the mess when my van got hit and the kid didn't have insurance.
Also, the shop that has the car is very, very behind. I'm thinking that we are lucky that we have the Lumina. They offered us a rental but I was too worried that it would get smashed too with the state of the roads.
And you are caught up. Wait, I still have no $ for Christmas 2015. Now, you are caught up!
Dried, crunched, broke,
Sonya Ann

Monday, January 12, 2015

Parkinson/Murphy/Sonya's Law

"Parkinson's law is the adage that "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion""- This is so true. Sometimes, I can get a few hours of chores shoved in 20 minutes. Mind you, my work is not as good if I rush through things but in a pinch, I can manage to get a house picked up and sort of clean. Maybe it has more to do with what is acceptable for time spent?
Parkinson's law also applies to money. If you are terribly broke, you will find a way to make it on very little. But the more money that we have coming in, we stop being as frugal(the broke mentality leaves) and we shop according to what we have coming in.
Now enter the dreaded Murphy's law(anything that can go wrong, will go wrong). So life makes a mess of things and we are stuck sorting it out. And it usually means that our checkbook is going to take a massive hit along with the Kleenex box.
Now for Sonya's law, bet you didn't know there was one of those? It's more like Parkinson's law and Murphy's law on steroids and then adding alcohol, mental illness and some fun but poor choices. Oh and too many cookies!
I think I may just be craving some control over my fat ass, the checkbook and time. I love the kids and we had a pretty good holiday but I just want to go back to normal. I'm a bit done with feeling out of control. Do you crave control?
Problems with the law,
Sonya Ann