Friday, March 27, 2015

Fabulous Friday

This is from Scribble Sketch! Homemade towels would be awesome! I'm starting to think that I need a sewing machine. Den would probably be a really good sew-er. I mean he is great in the kitchen so why not at sewing. I think I should bring this up to him at our next meeting.
Sonya Ann

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dehydrated Drinks

Did you ever concoct a plan so brilliant that you scared your man? I didn't think that it could happen but it has. Den questioned my latest money saving plan. This coming from the man that threw an entire brick of jumping jacks into a lit grill. Or the same man that set off a quarter stick of dynamite in the pool. Or the time he was sloppy drunk with the neighbors and told one of the other drunk husbands that his back was hurting. That drunk husband proceeded to give my barely walking husband 2 Vicodin. I drug him out the door and home that minute. Cuz I knew if I waited there was no getting him home. I will not point out the fact that I destroyed myself one of Den's birthdays and tried to say Happy Birthday the next morning and all that came out was a belch. Our problems seem to revolve around alcohol. We are fun and it seems rarely sober.
Anywho, I'm on super saver mode for our vacation to Vegas. And since the state doesn't seem to care that our refund was going to pay for our trip, I'm trying to scrape up as much money before we go in case the state of IL fails us. I have a few funds I can rob but I like to challenge myself to "find" money. And that is when I had a brilliant idea. We should stop buy alcohol and drink ourselves dry. The only problem with this plan is that some of the stuff we don't like and there is only small bits in other bottles that we do like. Translated-we would be mixing our nightly beverages. The good news is we didn't drink bleach. I don't know why Den even pulled that out. All I have to say is, thank goodness I'm the one in charge here.
Oh and so you know, Chocolate Martinis and Tequila aren't a good mix during the week. Cow Pie shouldn't be added in either. Just saying.
Have you ever come up with a brilliant plan like this?
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wicked Wednesday

I love me some Liam. Damn that man is fine. So do you think that he really plays? Den plays but he doesn't sound so intimidating when he is attacked.
Scone lover,
Angry Sonya Ann71

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Everything and Nothing Tuesday

So much to drink tell and so little time. I'll get you caught up fast enough. I know you have been waiting eagerly. Not really, you are probably just bored.
Never fear, my love for alcohol and being cheap will never waver. I can feel how proud you are of me. Remember the coupon from the liquor store for $5 off $50 or $10 off $100, well I used it. My BIL sends me for bourbon all the time. He's in OH and doesn't get to our liquor store often. The liquor store is quite well known for its selection. Me, I go straight for the Boone's so that's all the selection I need.
Anywho, it was $117 for my BIL's hooch so I grabbed $10 worth of cheap alcohol for us and got it for free. Cheap drunks and damned proud of it!
My FIL is recovering very quickly. He is following the doctor's instructions to a T. After the surgery, the doctor had said that he had been doing it for so long that he could eyeball it and see if it had spread and if he had gotten it all. His eyeball gave us the all clear. The test results were not. Damned eyeballs. It seems that radiation is in his future. We are all thankful that it isn't a fast moving cancer but still, its not something that you want to hear.
I have resorted to taking pictures of the pool because I believe this is as close as I'm going to get to a summer. It's still cold, snowy and all around crappy here.
 No really, the pool is draining itself and I'm using my pics to track it. My life is sad.
This was from this weekend. It's nice and black. But it seems to have stopped draining. Now we just have to find the leak. It will be somewhere at the water line. This is better than having it all drain out. The walls can collapse if there isn't water in it.

Anna is doing well in Cali. She is still so happy and she found a job. She is going to be nannying for a billionaire's two children. They are 12 and 14. I'm proud of her but still wondering what she has gotten herself into. But hey, this is something that she has talked about doing for a long time. I'm proud of her that she found a job so quickly and she is going after her dreams. I'm wondering how long this can last though. She is starting at $13 an hour but will increase by $2 increments. That's not much for someone with a teaching degree trying to make it in CA. She will get a company car and a credit card. Knowing how she charges, he may be broke soon. LOL. It seems she was only out of control with us. If nothing else, it should make for some interesting stories.
Since we have such crap windows, we have to put plastic up every year. I love when I take it down and we can start opening windows. Down with the plastic usually means things are getting warmer around here. Not this year. The cat has discovered that if he jumps high enough he can slide down the plastic and shred it with his back claws. It's nice and drafty in the front room and it sure isn't warm here. The cat is slowly becoming my arch enemy.
I got a massive $15 from Pinecone Research and $30.80 from BP. Go Christmas, no really, go Sonya.
So we have..............
$30         Pinecone Research
$69.59    BP
For a total of $99.59!!!
The good news is Den and I booked flights with his parents to Vegas in October. This will be so much fun and was something that seemed to really perk up both of his parents. I paid $44.80 for 4 round trip tickets. Well sort of. I have been charging DJ's tuition. EIU didn't make you pay the fee if you used the credit card, Ball state makes you pay the fee. It's about $200 twice a year but we bank enough in points for 3+ tickets. Plus everything else that I do helps boost the points. We are earning between 4-6 round trip tickets and that is going to Vegas. If we went to Florida since it is fewer points/closer, we would have 8+ round trip tickets. The high end, we might be paying $90ish a RT flight to Vegas. The only draw back is you have to book 6 months in advance to get them cheap. Did I mention that we are going in April too? Plus we get compt the rooms. I'm happy.
And that's all you get,
Sonya Ann

Monday, March 23, 2015

Bloggers Unite

I was poking around over at NDChic's Cents and catching up on her and her world the other day. She posted about how much she missed some of the blogger that have gone AWAL. I miss a lot of them too. I miss udy with a J something fierce. So many of our comrades have fallen by the way side. And it bothers me. I miss my friends. Just as I would miss everyone if I fell off the blogging planet. I love you guys.
This has bothered me for a week or so. I mean, I know everyone has a life and is free to stop blogging. Take time off or whatever. I know this. But this has been like a splinter in my wee mind. I love blogging and I love to vent to all of you. I also love to write my books. Editing not so much but it is a part of my daily routine. It also eats up tons of time. I would consider it more of a part time job. But the problem is, it is a massive undertaking for no money. I'm making about $.02 a day. And I know that everyone feels the same as I do that this is a labor of love. I will continue to do this for as long as I can. Or as long as my budget allows. Which brought me to my next thought, why after 6 and a half years of writing am I only making $.02 a day? I know that some people want to keep their blog pure and not advertise on it. But you should know by now that I'm so far from pure, its almost comical. And there are some AWESOME blogs out there that will fall by the way side because its not productive to continue writing. We need to unite and change this. There is no reason that we shouldn't be making at least, $.05 a day or so.
So let's come together and figure out a way to make this a bit more profitable. I think we need to draw attention and promote each other's blogs. I would love to start a conversation about how to help grow each other's blogs in the comment section. If you have any ideas, have found a way to draw in more traffic or to make more money blogging, please leave a comment.
I really think the way to help ourselves is to help each other. I think we need to drive traffic to one another. I was thinking that I would post about other bloggers on the weekends since I normally don't post then. Or maybe I would feature a blog or two a week. We kind of need to make it a group or something. People agree to join the blogging network and then we help each other. I don't know maybe jackets or something so we can recognize each other. LOL
Sonya Ann

Friday, March 20, 2015

Fabulous Friday

I have jars, I have kitchen sponges, and I have nail polish remover!!!! This is an awesome score. This is from I really might be changing into a girl or I need to find something else to do but add things to my To Do List. Have any ideas?
Maybe drinking,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Klingon Luggage

I have a super easy tip for you and your college student! Yes, pack them off and be done with them. See how smart I am! And I'm spent(Little Austin Powers for you).
Whenever Anna or DJ would come home for a long visit or break, we would be in gathering mode. I would pick up little things and food and store them in the closet until they could take them back with them. And then right before we would leave to take them back to college, we would head to the store for a big shopping extravaganza to load them up. Food(specifically, mac and cheese and anything else that can be cooked in the microwave. Really, they should have a microwave cooking course for college students. I mean if they can teach Klingon as a course, why not microwave cooking? I think that would be more useful. But then again if they did run into a Klingon, offering them anything other than gagh would be a dishonor. Oh and gagh is always served fresh. Just FYI.), shampoo, oh and Arnold Palmer Tea. So by the time that we get done we have quite a few bags of goodies. Have you ever tried to get a rolling cart at a college on the day that the kids return? Its more of a fight to the death sort of thing. And don't even try to get a parking place close. Just don't do it because even if you find a close spot, some D'bag is going to park behind you when you are unloading your kid and you will be stuck there.
Anywho, instead of fighting with your kid and trying to carry everything that they don't need into the room just throw it in your luggage with wheels. You would be shocked how many cases of water and tea you can get into rolling luggage.
Walk into their room, unzip the luggage, dump their crap on the bed and then flip them off wave goodbye as you leave with the empty luggage. I'm It's that easy!
Sometimes, I look back at my posts and think, "how the hell did that find its way in there?" I often think that about my life too.
Another ADHD post,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wicked Wednesday

Yes, I could see a priest stealing a tv. It happens all of the time. I just have one question, why is God always a black man?
Could play god,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sick, Cured, And Gone Tuesday

Have I got a lot to catch you up on!!!!! Kick back, this may take a while.
GOOD NEWS! Den's dad is cancer free, as the doctor put it. We are all so relieved. He was upset before surgery, rightfully so and said that no one was to come to the hospital. I shrugged. Its not my place to get in this fight. Den took off work and said we were going. So I suggested that we go to the hospital after his dad was in surgery and we sit with his Mom. So that's what we did. She was so very grateful and quite pitiful. It broke my heart on so many levels, it also scares me about what is to come. They are getting older. And......ok, I'll stop there. It's upsetting to continue down this path. Anyways, he is doing well.
Den, Donna and I picked up some nasty super bug from all of our time at the hospital. We were there close to 10 hours and were exposed to God knows what. I had such a high fever at one point that it really and truly felt as if my eyeballs were heating up. I can say that I never felt that sensation before in my life. I found some antibiotics in the cabinet and that helped IMMENSELY.
I thought my get well gift the little bear with the bandaids on his privates was funny. I mean how could you suffer when you have that bear to look at.
Den was insistent that we get the "You're #1" balloon. He wrote on the balloon, I know its your favorite finger, dad. We ooze class.
FYI, don't get sick around us, we will probably just poke fun of you.
Anna is now a Californian. Having my eyeballs boil was a good distraction from my heartache. She is happy and is on the adventure of her life. I was shocked how she came up with a working plan and saved a ton of cash to get them there. Hmmmmmm, amazing how she could SAVE MONEY when she had to pay for it.
I'll hopefully see her in April when we go to Vegas. And they are coming home in June for a wedding so I should be able to hold it together for a while. I just hope that when DJ spreads his wings he doesn't end up on the east coast. I don't think that I would ever be able to collect enough miles to fly them back and forth and visit them too.
There was a bit of worry about both of their cars making the LONG drive but they did without incidence. Anna brought both of the cars into a shop to check them out before they left Charleston. She even had a coupon. Bless her, not the shop. They wanted $500 to change her timing chain and do an oil change. They wanted $600 to replace Scott's oil pan. Anna called Den quite upset. Den said the timing chain is normal maintenance for a car over 100k miles and wasn't that bad of a price but it could wait. Anna said Scott's car wasn't leaking oil at all. Anna is the car guy in their relationship. She is like me. Hard to believe but I was the one that did all of the car maintenance when Den and I first got together.  Den worked with a mechanic for years and he took Den under his wing and taught him about cars on the weekends. Mike(the mechanic) has saved us tons of money over the years with the knowledge that he gave. I always say a prayer of thanks for Mike when Den fixes a car. I also pray that Den doesn't kill us. Den and Mike once caught a car on fire. That was crazy. And then there was the time that Den had gas spraying out of the side of the motor because everything wasn't in place. Bless him.
And that's all you get from me. I'm going to try and do a few things around the house and not think about Anna or the future or my cold or my eyeballs. Maybe I should just start Happy Hour now. It would cure so many things.
Sonya Ann

Monday, March 16, 2015

Drunk Packing

Did you ever buy something and then think, "what the hell am I going to do with this?" I saw this suitcase at a garage sale for $1 and thought it needs to come home with me. Mind you, it matches nothing here but it called to me. I never do that but it was $1 and cute. So I packed it full of presents in the gift closet so it wasn't really taking up any room and then left it there.
I had been storing all of my card making supplies in one of the drawers in Anna's room. It was getting hard to drag everything around and then I remembered the luggage. This will make it so much easier to lug to the kitchen table. It also slides under Anna's bed easily. Again, the cat had to be in the picture. The lid wouldn't close with him in it. Damn.
Do you ever see something and buy it only to use it at a later date? I normally don't do things like that just so that I keep the clutter down. 
And GREAT NEWS PEOPLE!!!! The local liquor store sent out a COUPON!!!! Yay for getting a discount on our alcoholism. Den and I were both VERY EXCITED! All I can say is the economy must be on the upswing!!!
Drunk cards,
Sonya Ann
PS-Hey, Frances over at Looking forward to being more frugal is having a Dial giveaway!!! Run over there and say hi but don't enter because I want to win. Ok fine, you can enter but I get to win.