Sunday, November 29, 2015

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

So do you know what a White Hat Hacker is? I didn't but if you have crazy computer skills, well you could be rich. I think I would have better luck finding real bugs but I bet it wouldn't be as lucrative.
Jump over to the Penny Hoarder and see if this is something that you could do?
Sonya Ann

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Blogger Spotlight!!!!

Hello, my pretties!!!! I'm way to happy this early morn!
Today's blogger in the spotlight is the Refashionista! Love her!!! To have her talent and her vision, I wouldn't me walking around in mom clothes.
If any of my longtime readers want to be featured on my blogger spotlight, please follow my blog and then leave me a comment and I will turn the spotlight on you!!!!
Happy Saturday,
Sonya Ann

Friday, November 27, 2015

Fat Friday, I Mean Fabulous

So who is on this same diet? It could happen right, pray away the pounds. Just make me feel better and say yes!
How about we make all of our gifts this year? How about all Star Wars gifts? Den and Anna would be overjoyed. Run over to Mad In Crafts and look at all of the Star Wars things you could make! I need to get gluing, well right after a nap.
So are you making all of your gifts this year or did you fight the crowds? Get anything good? Did you run off all of the extra weight from all that turkey?
Fabulous and Fat,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and an easy clean-up!!!!
I think Den would look great in a turkey outfit or a cornucopia. I think we need to take Thanksgiving to the next level. Wait, that is our drinking. Everyone that comes to our house plans on getting shitfaced stuffed.
Is it classy or trashy at your house?
Drinky drinky,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Boring Candy Canes

How sad is this? We ended up pulling the last of the flowers on Friday before we got hit with snow. We pulled perfectly healthy and beautiful plants so that we could put the pots in the shed. So from flowers to....................
A hell made of white crap. The good news is our dead/dying tree looks like a normal tree in the winter.
I guess that I should be thankful that we have gone this long without snow or bitter cold. I would be even more thankful if we went the entire season without snow but I guess it would be easier just to move somewhere warm.
 I decided to make some soup on Saturday. I mean that is what you do when its snowing, right? 24 hours later, the veg were still hard. I guess you can't ask a crockpot to work for more than 2 decades. I will be asking Santa for a new crockpot for Christmas. But I have to say that it is easier to throw out the crockpot than it is to try and scrape it clean.
This weekend was boring even by my standards. I ran to Jewel on Sunday to get a free pizza that was loaded to my MyMixx card and I found this little gem. I think that I will be buying gift cards from them for Christmas. Before it was a Catalina for $20 off $20 worth of groceries, when you bought $100 worth of gift cards. Now it is $15 off of $25 when you buy $125 worth of cards. Still its something. The only problem is you have 7 days to spend it.
Just an FYI, DO NOT GOOGLE naughty Santa pictures. Some poor candy canes were not being used as intended. Ugh, I'm scarred.
I got $20 in Amazon gift codes from My Points and $255.92 from our Bank of America card. Maybe it will all come together at the end? Right, right?
On a positive note, I think that I found another credit card that will pay 3% on gas. So its not as great as the 5% that I was getting but it is still better than the 1% that I am getting now. Ahh, something else to add to the to do list.
$23.85    SavingStar cash deposit
$21.65    SavingStar Amazon gift code
$10         Swagbucks- Amazon gift code
$129        Pinecone Research
$91.25    BP
$10         Beer rebate
$24         Wine rebate
$25          MyPoints gift card-Macy's
$10          MyPoints gift card Panera
$20          MyPoints gift codes Amazon
$255.92   Points from Bank of America
For a total of $620.67
I'll get there!
Still thinking about candy canes,
Sonya Ann

Monday, November 23, 2015

Cabinet ADHD

I don't have any before pictures of my plastic container cabinet. You can thank me in the comment section for that one!
I'm still plugging away at organizing the entire house. I'm still not anywhere near close to getting it done. Someday, right?
I think the problem is that I keep bouncing from one area of the house to another. Organizational ADHD, maybe?
You know how you always have odd lids and containers that don't have mates? Use one or two of the containers to hold the lids that actually have mates. Why didn't I think of this earlier?
Now what should I do next? Cocktails?
The real question is how long is this going to stay organized?
ADHD mate,
Sonya Ann

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

I guess since we are having people over for Thanksgiving, I will have to clean or something. Hey, maybe the something could be gamble and drink. Fine, I'll be a grownup and clean for the incoming guests. Pop over to Money Hoarder and check out their article on 13 simple house cleaning hacks to save you time and money! Number 10 is a brilliant idea!
How do you cheat, I mean clean for guests?
Dirty drunk,
Sonya Ann

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Blogger Spotlight!!!

Since we are getting closer to the BIG holiday, I thought that I would spotlight one of the sites that I use to get a bargain or two. Hip2Save is an awesome site and it really helps just to poke around and get ideas for my nephews. I'm kind of out of the toy loop. Getting older has its rewards.
So how are you doing with your holiday shopping? Halfway done? All the way? Me, not even close!!!!
Sonya Ann

Friday, November 20, 2015

Fabulous Friday

There was no link on this and I can't read what's in the corner. So whoever came up with this is the most clever person ever!!!!! Like seriously, they win at life.
I may need to start making these just for fun. Or to keep. Or I could eat the chocolate and drink the champagne and just stare at the picture. I like to give you lots of options.
Not planning on being sober,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mean Wife

I may be the problem in my marriage. I really might be. Den said and I quote, "You better not post about this shit." And yet, here we are. Please if you ever talk to my hubs do not bring up the antenna event. I was a bit concerned that he would murder me, well I was more concerned about pissing myself actually.
This isn't all my fault. Yes, I cancelled the satellite. But its my BIL that gives Den so much shit about not being able to watch football on Thanksgiving that pushed him over the edge. I mean it isn't as if we are doing enough for my BIL by having Thanksgiving and doing all the cooking and buying all the liquor. Sigh, let it go Sonya or go to jail.
Anywho, Den decided to burn a half day's vacation and install an antenna. I would like to point out that he tried this before with NO luck. It was a small antenna so that was the "problem" before.
Den, in his wisdom, bought the most expensive antenna that "should" get 100+ channels. You know, I try not to be an asshole when I write but it seems to be getting easier. I love him and he is goodish to me but he is driving me mad.
So he climbs on the roof in the middle of one of the worst storms that we have gotten as of late. It is blowing and raining like a mother. Many hours later, he comes in the house very cold and soaked to the bone and flips on the tv. Out of the 100+ channels that he should be getting, he got 4! Yes, 4. One was a very dry news channel from Europe. One was a cartoon station. One was PBS. And last but not least, a Spanish channel. I thought that he was going to start throwing himself around in a fit of rage. I thought I would pee myself. Then to add insult to injury, I said, "Brush up on your Spanish." He replied, "you have to poke me with a fucking stick."
I'm an asshole.
Cable lover,
Sonya Ann